Danville Borough

Montour County Pennsylvania

Codes and Zoning

The Danville Borough Codes & Zoning Office serves to coordinate, guide and provide certain standards for development throughout the municipality, aiding residents, business-owners and builders through the entire process from planning to construction. It also works to ensure compliance with the Borough's Code of Ordinances, enforcing regulations on noise, snow and ice removal, outdoor burning and other items that help maintain a high, positive quality of life for our citizens.

Please scroll down to the sections below to find documents for download as well as information regarding our Code of Ordinances and Zoning Regulations.

Code of Ordinaces

The Borough of Danville's ordinances are codified and organized in our Code of Ordinances. You can access and browse the entire collection online by clicking here.

While the Code of Ordinances is periodically updated, some new or recently enacted ordinances are not yet included in the document collection. These can instead be accessed below:


 TitleModified DateSize 
Ordinance 507 - Groundwater Usage11/17/20161.22 MBDownload
Ordinance 511 - Chapter 237 Amendment Regarding Pine Street11/17/201661.67 KBDownload
Ordinance 512 - Tax Ordinance for 201311/17/201683.73 KBDownload
Ordinance 513 - Residential Rental Registration11/17/20161.37 MBDownload
Ordinance 513/2013 - Tax Collector Compensation11/17/2016190.08 KBDownload
Ordinance 514 - Chapter 207 Amendment Regarding Municipal Liens11/17/2016209.62 KBDownload
Ordinance 514/A - Chapter 131 Amendment Regarding Spruce Street11/17/201637.36 KBDownload
Ordinance 514/2013 - Zoning Map Amendment11/17/201652.51 KBDownload
Ordinance 515 - Chapter 237 Amendment Regarding Mill Street11/17/201642.15 KBDownload
Ordinance 516 - Chapter 170 Amendment Regarding Peddling and Soliciting11/17/2016426.25 KBDownload
Ordinance 517 - Tax Ordinance for 201411/17/201681.62 KBDownload
Ordinance 518 - Chapter 260 Amendment Regarding Off-Street Parking11/17/2016455.50 KBDownload
Ordinance 519 - Creation of Chapter 90 Regarding Utility Attachments to Local Bridges11/17/2016294.59 KBDownload
Ordinance 520 - Chapter 260 Amendment Regarding Fence Requirements11/17/201636.70 KBDownload
Ordinance 521 - Chapter 141 Amendment Regarding Penalties11/17/201643.05 KBDownload
Ordinance 522 - Police Pension Plan Amendment11/17/201692.40 KBDownload
Ordinance 523 - Chapter 237 Amendment Regarding Commercial and Residential Permit Parking11/17/2016306.91 KBDownload
Ordinance 524 - Creation of Chapter 89 Regarding Brake Retarder Regulations11/17/2016163.90 KBDownload
Ordinance 525 - Tax Ordinance for 201511/17/201674.07 KBDownload
Ordinance 525/2015 - Quality of Life Ticketing 11/17/2016177.45 KBDownload
Ordinance 526 - Taxation Copy Fees11/17/201628.65 KBDownload
Ordinance 527 - Wall Street and Faust Street11/17/201656.65 KBDownload
Ordinance 528 - West Mahoning Street11/17/201640.24 KBDownload
Ordinance 529 - Zoning Timeframe11/17/201633.01 KBDownload
Ordinance 530 - UCC Board of Appeals11/17/201693.90 KBDownload
Ordinance 531 - Garbage Haulers11/17/201624.20 KBDownload
Ordinance 532 - Tax Ordinance for 201611/17/201679.39 KBDownload
Ordinance 533 - PMRS Retirement11/17/201691.99 KBDownload
Ordinance 534 - Church Street11/17/201635.47 KBDownload
Ordinance 535 - LERTA11/17/2016376.36 KBDownload
Ordinance 536 - School Zone11/18/2016105.75 KBDownload
Ordinance 537 - Spruce Street Speed Limit and Unnamed Alley No Parking11/18/201639.31 KBDownload
Ordinance 538 - Enforcement of Water Rules1/13/2017140.09 KBDownload
Ordinance 539 - Tax Ordinance for 20171/13/201773.36 KBDownload
Ordinance 540 - Beaver Place Street Speed Limit1/27/201737.44 KBDownload
Ordinance 541 - Term of Fire Chief5/11/2017903.25 KBDownload
Ordinance 542 - Placement of Dumpsters on Borough Streets 5/11/2017206.01 KBDownload
Ordinance 543 - Temporary Permits for Contractors in Metered Zones7/13/201748.38 KBDownload
Ordinance 544 - Curb Box Tampering7/13/201758.22 KBDownload
Ordinance 545 - Wall Street Speed Limit7/9/20181.96 MBDownload
Ordinance 546 - 2018 Tax Ordinance7/9/201863.02 KBDownload
Ordinance 547 - Fines for Violation of Animal Ordinance7/9/201838.04 KBDownload
Ordinance 548 - Spring Street No Parking7/9/201832.78 KBDownload
Ordinance 549 - Dwelling Units7/9/201837.93 KBDownload
Ordinance 550 - Nassua Street Parking Limit7/9/201835.24 KBDownload
Ordinance 551 - Temporary Dumpsters7/9/2018201.52 KBDownload


The Zoning Ordinance divides land within Danville Borough into districts, and each district has individual regulations for a number of items including but not limited to the following:

  • Types of Principle and Accessory Uses Permitted
  • Special Exceptions
  • Building Regulations for Zoning Set-Backs (Clearances)
  • Maximum Building Coverage,
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Maximum Building/Structure Height
The Borough's Zoning Map is pictured below. A PDF may be easily downloaded by clicking here, or you may obtain a paper copy at the Municipal Building (463 Mill Street, Danville, PA).



A person who receives a denial from the Codes & Zoning Office for a zoning permit can appeal that decision to the Borough's Zoning Hearing Board. The Zoning Hearing Board has the authority and exclusive jurisdiction to render final decisions in the following matters:

  • Applications for Variances from Terms of the Zoning Ordinance
  • Applications for Special Exceptions under the Zoning Ordinance
  • Appeals of the Zoning Officer's Determination
  • Appeals of a Determination by the Municipal Engineer or the Zoning Officer with Reference to the Administration of any Floodplain Ordinance or Such Provisions within a Land Use Ordinance
  • Appeals from the Determination of the Zoning Officer or Municipal Engineer in the Administration of any Land Use Ordinance or Provision Thereof with reference to Sedimentation, Erosion Control and Storm Water Management insofar as the Same Relate to Development Not Involving Applications Under the Municipality's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Contact Information
If you have any Code and Zoning questions or need assistance in filling out a document, please don't hesitate to contact Jackie Hart using the below information. Remember that it is important and in your interest to reach out to us before beginning any project, development or construction activity so that we may help you ensure that all regulations, ordinances and laws are being properly followed.

Jackie Hart, Director of Code & Building Development
Borough of Danville
570-275-3091, Ext. 1

Zoning Documents

 TitleModified DateSize 
Building Specification Form11/17/2016145.96 KBDownload
Commercial Building Permit Application11/17/201612.62 KBDownload
Deck Building Specifications11/17/2016588.33 KBDownload
Driveway Construction Request11/17/20163.61 KBDownload
Fence Construction Request11/17/201672.66 KBDownload
Historic Architectural Review Board Application11/17/2016629.42 KBDownload
No Solicitation List Placement Request Form11/17/20162.26 MBDownload
Property Transfer Form1/15/2018170.29 KBDownload
Rental Registration Appeal Form11/17/201611.92 KBDownload
Residential Building Permit Application11/17/201617.09 KBDownload
Residential Permit Application11/17/201617.09 KBDownload
Residential Rental Landlord Tenant Agreement Template11/17/201617.00 KBDownload
Residential Rental Occupancy License Application11/17/201614.58 KBDownload
Residential Rental Registration Ordinance Exemption Application11/17/201685.92 KBDownload
Residential Rental Registration Ordinance Summary11/17/2016109.11 KBDownload
Residential Rental Unit Inspection Checklist11/17/201676.88 KBDownload
Sidewalk Construction Request11/17/201616.62 KBDownload
Subdivision or Land Development Review Application11/17/201623.54 KBDownload
Swimming Pool Requirements11/17/2016664.51 KBDownload
Tree Trimming or Removal Request11/17/2016172.62 KBDownload
Water Wastewater Service Application11/17/2016156.04 KBDownload
Zoning Permit Application11/17/2016729.01 KBDownload
Zoning Special Exception Application11/17/2016149.79 KBDownload
Zoning Variance Application11/17/201643.63 KBDownload

News & Notices

Montour Street Bridge To Be Closed for Reconstruction

Please take an alternate route. It is estimated to be closed for 90 days. 

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