Danville Borough

Montour County Pennsylvania

Borough Agendas

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2022-10-17 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 10/17/2022642.47 KBDownload
2022-09-19 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 10/17/2022146.56 KBDownload
2022-09-19 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 9/19/2022606.18 KBDownload
2022-08-15 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 9/9/2022282.21 KBDownload
2022-08-15 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 8/11/2022769.17 KBDownload
2022-07-18 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 8/11/2022465.50 KBDownload
2022-06-20 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 6/17/20221.42 MBDownload
2022-05-16 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 5/16/2022900.09 KBDownload
2022-04-18 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 4/26/2022217.08 KBDownload
2022-04-18 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 4/14/20221.48 MBDownload
2022-03-21 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 4/14/2022202.01 KBDownload
2022-03-21 Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 3/18/2022632.68 KBDownload
2022-02-21 Municipal Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 3/1/2022214.96 KBDownload
2022-02-21 Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 2/17/2022767.19 KBDownload
2022-01-17 Danville Municipal Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 1/14/2022186.45 KBDownload
2022-01-17 Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 2/17/2022236.00 KBDownload
2021-12-20 Sewer Authority AgendaSuperUser Account 12/16/2021980.04 KBDownload
2021-11-15 Sewer Authority MinutesSuperUser Account 12/16/2021214.66 KBDownload
2021-11-15 Joint Water and Sewer AgendaSuperUser Account 11/9/20211.24 MBDownload
2021-10-18 Joint Water and Sewer MeetingSuperUser Account 10/27/2021185.57 KBDownload
2021-09-20 Joint Water and Sewer MinutesSuperUser Account 9/23/2021199.43 KBDownload
2021-09-20 Joint Water and Sewer AgendaSuperUser Account 9/23/2021758.65 KBDownload
2021-09-14 Streets and Codes CommitteeSuperUser Account 9/9/2021111.55 KBDownload

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Help us Eliminate Pollutants in our Waterways!
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