Danville Borough

Montour County Pennsylvania

Historic Review Board Process and Criteria

All properties located within the Historic District boundaries must receive approval for many building alterations before the work begins.

Suggested Procedure:

If you are planning on doing building alteration(s) that are listed as regulated HARB activities, you should:

  1. Obtain an "Application for Historic Architectural Review" from the zoning officer.
  2. Return your application to the zoning officer. Your application will be reviewed by HARB at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  3. Once HARB reviews and make recommendations on your building alteration(s), the HARB recommendation is forwarded to Danville Borough Council.

Regulated HARB Activities:
Structural Changes

The Historic & Architectural Review Board (HARB) reviews requests for the following structural changes to all buildings within the Historic District:

  1.  Changes to roof lines
  2. Changes in size, style, shape or number of doors, windows or other openings.
  3. Demolition of porches or appurtenant historic elements.
  4. Structural enlargement or demolition of principle or secondary buildings, or parts thereof.
  5. All new building construction in the Historic District

Non-Structural Changes

The Historic & Architectural Review Board (HARB) reviews requests for the following non-structural changes to all buildings within the Historic District:

  1. Changes in exterior surfaces materials
  2. Cleaning of masonry
The HARB reviews all applications for the above changes to all buildings within the Historic District and forwards their recommendations to Danville Borough Council. A property owner of building(s) within the Historic District cannot begin renovations until HARB reviews the proposed building alteration(s) and make a recommendation to Danville Borough Council. The Borough Council will then make a final decision based on information obtained from HARB. Danville Borough Council must then issue a "Certificate of Appropriateness" for the building alteration(s).

HARB Review Criteria

In determining the recommendation to be presented to the Borough Council concerning the issuing of a Certificate of Appropriateness, the Review Board (HARB) shall consider the following:

  1. The effect of the proposed change upon the general historic and architectural nature of the district.
  2. The building or structure should posses a high degree of integrity and quality with a minimum of non-architectural significant intrusions.
  3. The building or structure should a sense of cohesiveness through characteristics of architectural style, such as height, proportion, scale, rhythm and detail.
  4. The building or structure should possess a special character or special historic and aesthetic atmosphere which distinguishes it from the surrounding area.
  5. The building or structure should be readily definable by either manmade or natural boundaries with a major focal point or points within it
  6. The building or structure should be significant in the historical or cultural life of the borough, the commonwealth or nation.
  7. The Borough need not represent a particular architectural style and many in fact contain a wide variety of styles, provided that they are in harmonious relationship.

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