Fire Department

The Danville Fire Department consists four individual stations, one located in and representing each of the borough’s four wards.

They consist of the following:

  • Station 10 Friendship Fire Co. – Truck 19, Brush 15,
  • Station 20 Washington Hose Co. (Washies) – Squirt 23, Rescue 27
  • Station 30 Continental Fire Co. – Rehab 31, Engine 33, Squad 35, Boat 38
  • Station 40 Goodwill Hose Co. – Engine 43
  • Danville Borough Fire Police – Traffic 57 (based out of Station 40)

The Danville Fire Department is represented by the active membership of the four companies, the Danville Fire Police, and the Danville Ambulance. Each company and entity has representation on the Danville Fire Board which is the governing body of the Danville Fire Department. The Department has its own constitution, by-laws, and standard operating guidelines (S.O.G’s) that each member should be familiar with.

Each station normally has a member serving as a chief. There are five chiefs in the Danville Fire Department- a Department Chief (aka Borough Chief/Danville Chief), a Deputy Chief, and three Assistant Chiefs. These five chiefs make up the executive board of the department.

There are a total of four captains and seven lieutenants in the department. Each station has a captain who serves as the head of the ‘truck room’ to oversee truck room activities, manpower, and equipment. Each piece of apparatus in the department has a chief driver/engineer who is responsible for maintenance, repairs, and driver training.

Each company in the borough is permitted to appoint ten fire police positions. Fire police members are sworn in by the mayor. While the fire police are organized separately, having their own constitution and by-laws and electing their own captain and officers, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Danville Fire Board and report to the officers thereof. The fire police are responsible for traffic control at fire department incidents.

Firefighter relief funds are managed by the Firemen’s Relief Board which has representation from each company. The relief association has its own constitution and by-laws. Relief funds are available for training, safety equipment, and death benefits. All active firefighters in the fire department are eligible for the benefits provided by the relief association.

All active firefighters are encouraged and welcomed to take training classes to advance their firefighting techniques. Any active firefighter wishing to take any of the available courses should see their captain or lieutenants to get enrolled in these classes. Any training you already have should be copied and given to the captain of your station to be placed in your personnel file.