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Keep Kids Drug-Free

  • PARENT’S ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE! Talk to your child about the dangers of drugs beginning at a young age.
  • Know what your child is ding and set limits with rules and consequences for breaking them.
  • Know who your child’s friends are.
  • Create a bond with your child so when you have to set restrictions it’s less stressful. This bond can be developed by recognizing your child’s strengths and listening to what they have to say.
  • Setting a rule of “no drug use” will help your child navigate peer to other pressures to use drugs. You can be specific, such as, “If you’re at a party and you see that drugs or alcohol are being used, the rule is you leave the party. Call, I’ll come and get you.”
  • Teach kids ways of saying no to drugs. “I’m cool without drugs!”
  • Youth often get into trouble with drugs right after school. Attempt to be with your kids then, but if you can’t, make sure your child is doing something positive with an adult around.
  • If your child’s excuse is that “everyone is ding it,” you can reply, “You make your own decisions. You are our own person.”

Danville Police Department’s Free Drug Screen Program

Drug Screen Program logoChances are that if your child is using drugs, he/she may show several other risky actions. These actions can include low academic performance, risky sexual activity, delinquent behavior, and unsafe driving habits. These behaviors can result in sexual diseases, unplanned pregnancies, violence, injury, and DEATH.

If you suspect your child of drug use the Danville Police Department cannot tell you whether or not to drug test your children. If you wish to do so, we strongly recommend that you take them to their family doctor to be tested.

If you choose not to do so for whatever the reason, we want the opportunity to give parents another option.

We are pleased to offer FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, drug test kits to residents of Danville Borough. You will need to show proof of residency and NO OTHER QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED! This test screens for 5 different illicit drugs. You will also receive brochures regarding drug use. These include, “Keeping Your Kids DRUG-FREE”, “Suspect Your Teen is Using Drugs or Drinking?” and “Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Disorders-A Guide to Recovery for Families and Children”. If you reside outside of the Borough, you can purchase a kit for a fee of $5.00.

Our local drug store chains sell home drug testing kits that screen for one to three different drugs and range in price from $15 for a single drug and $30 for a 3-screen kit.

If you don’t think your child is using drugs, but merely want to keep a kit on top of your refrigerator as a deterrent to keep your child from experimenting and avoid possible addiction in the first place, we strongly suggest it!

The purpose of this program is to get drug users the help they need and to deter others from using!

Signs of Drug Use

  • Deteriorating relationship with family/friends? New group of friends?
  • Changes in eating/sleeping habits?
  • Depressed or withdrawn?
  • Sudden loss of interest in favorite activities?
  • Irregular school attendance? Declining grades?
  • Increased hostility?
  • Carelessness in grooming?
  • Money missing from home?
  • Breaking the rules?
  • Presence of bottles, eye drops, lighters, or drug paraphernalia?

Suspect Your Child of Using Drugs?

  • Confront child, BUT not alone. Use family, trusted friend, or clergy.
  • Only sure way of knowing is to have your child tested. (Denying to take a test is usually a sign of admission)
  • Family physician (Preferred method)
  • Home Drug Test

Is Your Child Using Drugs?

  • The moment you find out about drug use is NOT the time to discipline
  • Get immediate professional intervention
  • Family Physician
  • Drug rehabilitation clinic
  • Seek support for your self and family as well

Help Make Danville a Safe, Drug-Free Community!

Have a drug tip? Please send us an email to Drug@danvillepd.net detailing as much information as possible. Report should contain a detailed description of suspected individual, vehicle used, times, and location. Any contact information you can supply would be helpful as well! We take all tips very seriously and greatly appreciate all of your assistance!

Partnership to End Addiction

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